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Book reviews

The editors, in consultation with members of the editorial board, select books and invite established scholars to review them. HJAS does not publish unsolicited book reviews.

Invited reviewers, please consult the Style Sheet when preparing your review.

Publishers, please send copies of books for review, announcements, and catalogs to the book review editor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does HJAS accept submissions of unsolicited book reviews?

No. HJAS reviews a limited number of books in depth, so our editorial team takes great care in selecting books for review. Moreover, because HJAS book reviews are not peer-reviewed, we solicit reviewers from established scholars in the appropriate fields. 

Does HJAS publish translations or book reviews about translated works?

We do not publish translations of literature or scholarly works. We very occasionally publish book reviews of translated works, but only when the original work is seminal to one or more scholarly fields.  

Do authors of HJAS articles and book reviews need to acknowledge HJAS in any reprints or excerpts?

Yes. Even if you hold the copyright (if the article or book review was published on or after March 1, 1989), our contract agreement requires you to cite the original publication in HJAS whenever you republish material from HJAS.

What if I have another question?

Please contact