HJAS Submission Guidelines

HJAS does not publish unsolicited book reviews.

Submitting a Manuscript:

The Journal is now accepting electronic manuscript submissions.

To have a manuscript considered for publication, send in two Word document files formatted according to the Style Sheet for Manuscript Submissions and Solicited Book Reviews for this Journal: one file with the text, notes, tables, figures, and references, and a separate file with an abstract of 120-150 words. Note: everything (text, notes, and extracts) must be double-spaced. Submit manuscripts to the Managing Editor

Ordinarily, manuscripts (including notes) should not exceed 15,000 words--and shorter manuscripts are welcome. In exceptional cases, longer manuscripts may be considered. The value of a longer manuscript must be clear in the text itself and explicitly addressed in a cover letter.

The Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies publishes original scholars in the humanities and humanistic social sciences on East Asia as well as the Tibetan- and the Altaic-speaking peoples of Inner Asia. When selecting articles for publication, the editors consider the strength of the scholarship, the quality of the argument, the clarity of the methodology. Even the most narrowly focused constribution must speak in some way to an academic audience beyond a small community of specialists. The presentation of new factual information alone is not sufficient grounds for publication.

Be sure to remove all self-references from both text and notes. Your manuscript will be reviewed anonymously.

It is expected that manuscripts submitted have not been previously published, in any language or format (including wide electronic circulation). It is also expected that manuscripts submitted to HJAS are not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

In a separate Word document file, send an abstract, not exceeding 150 words, of your manuscript.

For the purposes of review, illustrations may be included in the Word file with the submitted manuscript, or they may be collected in a single, separate PDF. The Journal publishes black and white illustrations in its print version, if necessary for readers' understanding and if they are of suitable quality. The Journal publishes color illustrations only online.

Address all queries to the Managing Editor.